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Raj Vidya Kender (RVK) presents the message of peace of Prem Rawat and undertakes humanitarian activities to bring harmony in life. It organises live events with Prem Rawat and video events related to his message. His message is—Peace is Possible for everyone and that peace is a fundamental need of every human being.
The organisation is dedicated to helping people explore human potential, the joy of being alive and experiencing peace. RVK in its endeavour to improve the quality of human life offers many humanitarian services, including Free Eye Clinics and Food for People in remote areas. It also supports other organisations having similar charitable, social and philanthropic goals.

Raj Vidya Kender (RVK) shares and supports the vision that peace is possible in everybody’s life. This can happen only when each individual takes personal responsibility and discovers personal peace within. Its activities are supported by voluntary contributions of individuals who appreciate this message.

Helping You Discover Personal Peace Raj Vidya Kender (RVK) invites Prem Rawat to address people interested in his message of Self-discovery and Self-knowledge. His addresses are very much appreciated and over 50 million people have benefited from them. The number of attendees often exceeds 300,000 at events addressed by Prem Rawat. Prem Rawat presents and offers a practical way to focus within to enjoy the experience of peace inside. Peace Education Programme - From Darkness Into Light. Raj Vidya Kender (RVK) also organises events regularly in jails across the country. His message has helped many prisoners to revert back to the normal life of a law-abiding citizen.
Raj Vidya Kender (RVK) is a non-­profit registered charitable organization

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